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Ulster University Child Studies is a consortium of researchers who study child development at Ulster University. Find out more about our researchers and research at the links above, and sign up to participate in our studies!


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Imagine Belfast Festival: Imagining Child Development and Learning

23 March 2024

The Imagine! festival takes place in Belfast every March and presents a unique way of imagining the future of this great city. Join us at this event for an interactive set of activities to learn more about child development research at Ulster University and Queen's University Belfast!

NI Science Festival: How do we learn about learning?

17 February 2024

The NI Science Festival offers a stimulating and wide range of events focusing on the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. This event will offer an interactive set of activities for families to learn more about child development research at Ulster University.

Being Human: Learning through Literacy

11 November 2023

Come along to this family-friendly event exploring literacy and learning! Join a phonics trail along the Woodland Walkway of the Coleraine Campus and search for sounds through the woods, and discover how literacy fiction books for children can teach numeracy skills through a storytelling session.

ESRC Festival of Social Science: Appy Families

4 November 2023

Focused on language, learning and development, each activity demonstrates the interactive games that researchers use to study child development. Find the activity stations at the Ulster Museum’s Grainger Room, including: