The Colouring Book game

We use the Colouring Book game to study how children acquire complex sentences. We have three studies which use the Colouring Book game — click the links below to participate:

Kids in Context

Be a part of research being carried out at 24 locations around the world!

Memory games with animals

This study includes two interactive online games on memory development, which we use to look at the interaction between memory and language!

Youth - Physical Activity Towards Health Study Northern Ireland (Y-PATH NI)

We are conducting a research study looking at how best to promote physical activity in young people and we are interested in the views of parents/guardians.

Who is the boy pointing at?

This is an online study which looks at how children interpret pronouns. We show pictures with two characters doing something, for example a boy pointing at his grandfather. Then we ask a question about what is happening in the picture.